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Highmark is a non-profit healthcare company and Integrated Delivery Network based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. It is a large individual not-for-profit health insurer in the United States, which operates several for-profit subsidiaries.

Andromeda mentioned, "Highmark insurance company is grossly mismanaged, morally bankrupt, and predatory. My health insurance through Highmark was dropped without my knowledge. However, they still took near $600 dollars from me after my drop, but refused coverage for my medical needs. After my insurance did not respond when a hospital ran my information, I called to see what the problem was. I was told I had been dropped months ago, and that I was outside my appeal period. However, it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to appeal, as I was not made aware that I had been dropped.

After several hang ups and empty we'll get back to you phone calls through customer service, I visited their offices in person. I sat in front of a representative, openly weeping, after I was told to wait until November to enroll for 2021. I am sick, and have gone under anesthesia 3 times in 2019 for various issues and tests. The precise nature of my illness is still undetermined, and a full year without medical insurance puts my health in extreme danger. The dispassionate representative told me in monotone to take a deep breath. Additionally, I was told that I had been dropped due to unemployment, despite being privately insured and employed for over 2 years at the same business.

Highmark has stolen from me and cited false information for an insurance drop, and then neglected their obligation to inform me of the drop. This company is more interested in saving themselves money, by dropping a high cost patient, than the life of a human being. Disgusting business ethics, and a shameful display of prioritizing profit over people."


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Internship (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work I just filing patients files what I learned nothing really management i don't know much about it the hardest part of the job was booking patients the most enjoyable part of the job was getting to know the different doctors"

Medical Insurance Specialist (Former Employee) says

"It was terrible working there, they do not care if you have a sick child or medical issues, they will will fire you for even taking a 2 minute longer lunch breakNothingEverything"

Senior Technical Business Analysis (Former Employee) says

"I worked at this company for 28 years, it’s really a joke how much they promote flexibility safe environment, how much they take care of their employees. This is a toxic environment and they will get rid of the workers that actually work and know their jobs but keep the ones on that do nothing"

Benefits Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Two months with nothing to do and then given a report that only took half the day. I like to keep busy not sit and be bored all day. In my interview I said before taking the job is there a lot of work to do. I guess that wasn't true and didn't like they leave people go that's worked for them 25 years plus but have they stay to train new workers."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for, doesn't stand for any of their "core values", doesn't care about their employees what so ever. A lot of favoritism and absolutely no support for those who are struggling. Extremely unprofessional and negative atmosphere to work for. Highmark is the absolute worst company I have ever worked for and I completely regret the decision on taking this job over going back to school. 0 time for personal life outside of work and absolutely no exceptions while sick whether you have excuse or not. I would NOT recommend to anyone.Thank you for your feedback. We want you to know that we greatly appreciate the contribution and service that our people make here at Highmark Health. We value your concerns and will be sure to share your feedback internally as it helps us consider how we can improve the employee experience."

Complex Case Manager (Current Employee) says

"When I started over a year ago, the company emphasized quality over quantity. Now they have added more to do and you are expected to work extra hours to get it all done, with no pay increase. They are now focused on quantity not quality. My manager has no backbone to stand behind her RNs.Thank you for your feedback. We want you to know that we greatly appreciate the contribution and service that our people make here at Highmark Health. We value your concerns and will be sure to share your feedback internally."

Customer Service Advocate (Former Employee) says

"You walk in every day wondering if you are still going to have a job at the end of the work day. The turnover rate is extremely high for this employer."

Scrum Master/Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"I ended up working for more than 10 hours a day. Most of the time I will be working over night and then go to work in the morning. It was too stressful.We appreciate your review. Know that we remain committed to encourage a fulfilling and meaningful career for our employees and will be sure to share this feedback internally."

Medical Policy Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The turn over rate at highmark is very high. Management is constantly changing and the threat of layoffs are always looming. The work life balance was also very lacking."

Membership/Billing Administrator III (Former Employee) says

"the management was horrible they like to micro manage. There really was not much of work life balance there at all, they want all your time. They also took bonuses away, the cut back on giving you extra week at 15 years and when you hit those 5 year marks. It was like high school there the drama was horrible within departments and employees. They keep laying off people there so the people that are still there have to do work of like 2-3 people. Lots of busy stressful times there. If they want you out they will find a way to fire you.nonetook away bonuses, stressful environment"

Budget Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"This company over-works and underpays most employees. Consideration not given to long-term employees when applying for new jobs. Women are not treated fairly and rarely receive promotions. This company is not the same as it used to be.We are sorry to hear of your experience with us. Offering competitive compensation and supporting employee development is very important to us and can assure you that we are committed to providing a fulfilling and meaningful career for all of our employees. We will be sure to share your feedback internally."

Summer Intern (Former Employee) says

"The management and Human Resources department did nothing to help with issues. If approached with a question, they just gave you a generic answer which didn't help at all. They don't care about treating interns kindly.We appreciate your review. Know that management remains committed to encouraging a fulfilling and meaningful career for our employees and will be sure to share this feedback internally."


"This company was horrible to work for at the time. No worklife balance, unfair advancement opportunities, payscale is ok but could be better. There is not a lot of good to say about this experience other than what type of employer NOT to work for.A jobUnfair advancementWe appreciate your review. Know that we remain committed to encouraging a fulfilling and meaningful career for our employees and will be sure to share this feedback internally."

Business Analyst 3 (Former Employee) says

"This company does not try to balance family life and work. It is all work all the time. They stopped caring about their employees. They would take employees that had been there over 10 years and gather them up and tell them they were no longer needed. Very stressful company to work for.Lack of caring for employeesWe appreciate your feedback and take your concerns to heart. Know that we remain committed to encourage a fulfilling and meaningful career for our employees and will share your feedback internally."

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"You will be micromanaged and criticized to the point of insanity. Every move you make is constantly monitored. You cant even go to the bathroom. Even when you are performing better than most in your department they will look for things to say you are doing wrongGood Health insuranceeverything elseWe appreciate your review and take it seriously. We encourage you to reach out to your manager or HR about your concerns."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Most depressing place to work ever! Training is inadequate. They promise to pair you with an employee who has been there a while before you actually start on the phones. That was a lie. New employees help each other instead of being paired with an experienced employee. Most of management treats employees as if they're stupid.NoneWe want to thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. We want to express our gratitude for the service contributed and wish all continued success with future endeavors."

Utilization Manager/ clinical coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Toxic work environment. Embedded racism at Wilmington DE location. Supervisor uneducated. Unable to manage talented licensed professionals hired for their expertise. Toxic. Constant Bullying. Ignorant 10 hour workdays makes you sick. Under appreciated. Dead End job. No room for advancement.Talented professionals in Utilization Management.Supervisor unable to manage talented professionals No room for advancementWe believe in building an inclusive culture. We know it is critical to advancing business, satisfying customers, retaining talent and driving innovation. To that end, we take your feedback seriously and will escalate this to the proper Leaders."

HR Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was a temporary employee to me management was not sympathetic to my personal issues. I wasn't properly informed when I was let go. Came into work on a Monday and was never informed that I was let go the previous Friday."

Provider Services (Former Employee) says

"If your not friends with the higher ups they give you a hard time. Not very professional and the rude behavior is brushed under the rug for those who don't agree they are afraid to speak up. Your getting bullied until they make you want to leave."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Don't work here unless you like to be micromanaged to the point that you cannot even use the restroom unless it's your scheduled break. You'll get nothing but the standard 2% raise no matter how hard you work but the company will send you daily emails about how much money they're making. Unless you're a snake and tattle to your supervisor, you will never advance. It's worse than high school when it comes to clicks and drama. There is no support and you are expected to be perfect at your job.NoneEverything"

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